Reliable lawyer on housing disputes
Almost everyone is affected by real estate issues during their lifetime, which is why housing disputes are one of the most popular categories of litigation.

Many of us find it difficult to understand the legal issues of this area. Unfortunately, we are not immune from making a mistake, the cost of which are lost nerves, money, or, in the worst case, the deception of scammers.

Competent work and consultation of a lawyer on housing disputes is a guarantee that all your transactions will be executed without damage, and problems will be resolved promptly.

Situations when you may need the help of a lawyer on housing disputes:

  • transactions with residential real estate of various nature (division, privatization, exchange, purchase and sale);
  • determination of the person for whom the right of the owner is established;
  • cancellation of the contract for the sale, exchange, acts of donation and similar transactions related to the acquisition of housing;
  • cases of ownership loss;
  • approval of work on unauthorized reconstruction of housing and recognition of ownership rights to it;
  • checking the condition of housing when developers perform shared construction;
  • challenging the ownership of housing under a social recruitment contract;
  • protection of the rights of minors or incapacitated, as well as those with limited legal capacity in cases of real estate disputes.
These and similar issues will be solved by lawyers on housing disputes of the law office Shpilevoy-Shatsky & Partners. They will explain how to draw up a claim filed to the court competently, help support your petition with norms and extracts from laws and the housing code. Especially if the case is being considered to resolve the disagreement along the "citizen-state" line.

Successful resolution of housing disputes in Moscow

For a positive resolution of issues a professional integrated approach to solving problems is extremely important. A lawyer specialized in housing disputes has high-level legal competence and experience in solving civil, family and administrative cases.

If you are unable to attend your housing dispute hearing in court, our lawyer can be your representative. Contact us, we will promptly consider your situation and develop an optimal strategy. We guarantee complete confidentiality and non-disclosure of personal data.