General issues of the Law Office
    Lawyers of Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners Law Office have been operating in the Russian Federation on the market of professional legal services for more than 20 years. During the successful work, a huge amount of experience has been accumulated in the conduct of civil, arbitration, criminal and corporate cases of our clients.

    Reliability, literacy and decency are our way of working. We represent the interests and legal protection of the rights of both individuals and legal entities.

    There are more than 6,700 lawyers in Moscow, however, quite recently, wealthy people found it difficult to find qualified legal assistance.

    You already have everything or almost everything. You are wealthy, successful and confident. You have a great home, a friendly family, many good friends, your children go to school, and your plans are based on future prospects.

    Are you sure of your own legal protection? Of course, who wants to think about possible problems, especially when everything is going well and, it would seem, who can interfere with your peace and well-being?

    Unfortunately, life sometimes brings surprises. Babysitters, tutors, builders, various organizations in the service sector, employees of various inspection and regulatory bodies, officials and other structures of state authorities are very possible sources for anyone's headache. Real estate, inheritance, marital relations, business partners and competitors - all these at certain points in life can cause various complications and difficulties. In fact, there is no person in whose life there are no legal problems.

    When relations become aggravated, everyone "suddenly" remembers: - And what is written in the contract? Who is the owner? Who is responsible for this and compensate for the losses? - It turns out that the documents do not reflect what you proposed or not exactly. Perhaps the necessary documents are not available at all.

    Indeed, the possibility of such a development of events cannot be ruled out. This is especially true today, in the period of an unstable global and Russian financial system, a global crisis and universal state control. And all this, naturally, leaves an unpleasant aftertaste of uncertainty about one's own security.

    But you surely respect yourself and your own interests, trying to save your nerves. So allow yourself to shift the solution of your legal issues to the professionals of the Moscow Law Office Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners. Moreover, many potential problems can be avoided. And it's not difficult - just give an order to your personal (family) LAWYER.

    Your Family (personal) lawyer knows the specifics of your cases, can quickly work out and offer the most beneficial solution for you, and will attract the necessary specialists. Unobtrusively, methodically and gradually, he performs a variety of legally significant actions in your interests. Day by day in Russia the demand for the services of a personal (family) lawyer is growing.

    In addition, you can be sure that everything you say to your lawyer is an absolute lawyer's secret, guaranteed by the Law. Therefore, your ongoing relationship with a family (personal) lawyer is as useful, convenient and safe as possible for you. As a result, you yourself will not notice how the feeling of legal security in the conditions of modern reality will become familiar, and you will look into the future with greater confidence.

    Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners Law Office can offer you qualified services in the field of full legal support for business under the program "Legal Support for the Company's Activities".

    The program "Legal support of the company's activities" ("Business lawyer") provides for:

    • Consultations, references, conclusions on legal issues arising in the course of the organization's activities (oral, written, by phone and e-mail);
    • Development and legal examination of documents of a legal nature (applications, complaints, petitions), including draft agreements, contracts and corporate documents;
    • Verification of documents for compliance with Russian legislation and the interests of the client;
    • Conducting claims work (applications, claims, requests, claims, etc.);
    • Negotiating with insurance companies on insured events and payments (vehicles, property, etc.);
    • Representing the interests of the company in state authorities (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service, traffic police, Federal Tax Service Inspectorate), controlling, auditing and supervisory authorities;
    • Representation and protection of the client's interests in courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration courts;
    • Providing legal assistance to the management and employees of the enterprise on their personal issues (conducting consultations in the company's office, from 2 hours a week);
    • Preparation of conclusions on executive documents and local acts;
    • Implementation of legal actions related to the state registration of a company, its branches, registration of changes in constituent documents, etc.;
    • Managing labor relations in the company;
    • Participation in negotiation processes with partners and competitors to develop the company's business, taking into account its interests;
    • Emergency visit to the client, in case of inspection of the enterprise by regulatory authorities.
    Sincerely, Managing Partner of the Law Office

    Shpilevoi-Shatskii Pavel Anatolievich