Early repayment of a criminal record
In accordance with the law of the Russian Federation, early annulment of a criminal record can be implemented by redemption or withdrawal.

In accordance with legal norms, the early removal of a criminal record is not an obligation of the court. Based on this, either a person who has served a sentence or his official defender can try to defend the right to such a privilege. This process takes place in strict accordance with the decision of the court.

Early repayment of a criminal record may be applied to a convicted person before the end of the sentence for exemplary behavior. This implies the absence of any penalties, criminal or administrative offenses. The first step to remove a criminal record is a well-written petition for early repayment of a criminal record, sent to the court in the appropriate time period. A correct application is the main factor in the success of the entire process. The second stage is the consideration by the court of an application for early repayment of a criminal record and the adoption of one or another decision (which can be appealed in the event of an unfavorable outcome of the case).

A convict's marriage, the presence of young children, permanent employment, active participation in charity events, etc. can positively affect the verdict of the court. When making a decision, everything that positively distinguishes a particular person and gives him a positive characteristic is taken into account. Any convict who has served his sentence, regardless of the degree of the crime committed by him, has the right to write a petition with a request for early repayment of a criminal record.

Peculiarities of redemption / removal of a criminal record for minors

The possibility of redemption of a criminal record by minors differs in terms from a similar possibility for adults. The period for the redemption of a criminal record is shorter than for an adult. For committed unlawful acts of small and medium gravity, the period of repayment of a conviction is one year. For particularly serious crimes, the repayment period is three years.

Minors are regarded as not convicted in cases of committing crimes of medium and low gravity. In such cases, they are punished in the form of compulsory measures of an educational nature.

If the court verdict establishes a milder punishment than imprisonment or a suspended sentence, then in such situations the conviction is extinguished at the end of the probationary period or after one year of serving the sentence.

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