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Appeal against a judgment
Types of applications: appeal and cassation against a court decision

An appeal against a court verdict is issued in the event of a disagreement between the opinions of one of the parties with the verdict. The side of the accusers more often asks for a tougher punishment, and the side of the accused - for a review of the sentence and a reduction in punishment. This type of petition is carried out before the decision of the court of first instance enters into force.

A cassation private complaint is submitted to the highest judicial instances for the purpose of protesting or canceling the verdict of the court.

The lawyers of our law office will carefully study the materials of the case and will help consider all the factors when drawing up these types of applications. They will take into account all your wishes and will try to achieve the desired result.

Appeal against the verdict

There could be situations when during considering a criminal case in court, there is no time to collect evidence or refutations of guilt. In this regard, a decision to send the case for review is made. Submitting an appeal against a court decision involves 2 types:

  • full (the case is reviewed in full in accordance with the rules for the court of first instance);
  • incomplete (points from the application are considered).
Competently filling out an appeal against a court verdict includes an indication of data on both parties involved in the process. It must also contain correctly and clearly formulated materials that may affect the change in the points of the sentence, indicate violations during the consideration of the case.

An appeal against a court verdict can be filed within 1 month after the court decision. In order not to miss this deadline and correctly draw up a petition, contact the lawyers of our law office. If you are unable to meet these deadlines due to valid documented reasons, you can apply for the restoration of the deadlines for filing an appeal against a court verdict.

Cassation appeal against the verdict

To file a cassation appeal against a court verdict means to appeal against the current verdict. You will have 6 months after the announcement of the verdict to appeal to the court of cassation. The maximum review period is 2 months.

The cassation private complaint includes several important details necessary for a correct review, and contains:

  • basic information about the judicial body (including the instances where previous applications were considered);
  • information about the person filing the cassation private complaint, the position of the applicant and information about other persons appearing in the case;
  • an indication of those points of the verdict that are subject to appeal, and the wording of the request.
It is important to understand that when filing an appeal against a court verdict or a cassation appeal in private, the situation of the convict will not get worse, and the punishment will not be aggravated.

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