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Service "trust management of real estate and assets"
The service "trust management of real estate and assets" from the lawyers of our Law Office

Due to the fast pace of modern life, many companies, regardless of their size, can face the problem of not having time to properly manage their assets. In such cases, the transfer of property (or any other belongings) in trust management to specialists will help optimize the company's activities. Our Lawyers have impressive experience in dealing with cases of various directions (civil, legal, criminal and others), so they will become responsible advisers on whom you can rely.

Arguments "FOR" the transfer of the right of trust management of property in the hands of professionals

When you transfer property and other assets to trust management, first of all, this implies the possibility of obtaining additional income, an increase in the number of profitable transactions. Ownership remains with you, as well as the costs of maintaining the property.

The status of real estate is not changed when transferred to the management of a trustee. For example, if you rent out a property, the property remains in the status of a lease, and a hired specialist controls timely payments. Also, the duties of our specialist include drawing up a plan for investment transactions. This will allow you to get the maximum income gain by the end of the term of trust management of real estate.

In accordance with the civil code of the Russian Federation, we conclude a written agreement. You can choose the period for which you want to transfer your assets to trust management of our specialist.

Trust management of financial assets

Our Law Office will help you increase capital competently and without risks. When ordering the service "Trust management of financial assets" you will be able to make sure that the funds can generate income. We will select an experienced trader and develop a promotion strategy depending on the initial amounts for investment and the availability of securities, currencies or metals.

Our experience allows you to place your assets correctly and receive a decent annual profit, taking into account the current market situation.

Trust management of financial assets includes:
  • purchase and sale of shares;
  • speculation with stocks, futures, currencies for profit;
  • short-term, medium-term and long-term investments in exchange assets;
  • management of your previously purchased assets (stocks, futures);
  • games on the Forex securities market.

Trust management of hereditary property

The need for trust management of hereditary property arises when there are movable assets that need to be managed. Most often, this is a share in the company (property, shares, part of the authorized capital).

In the absence of an indication in the will of a trustee, a notary may become a trustee. You can delegate the trust management of hereditary property to our specialists. They will carry out all the paperwork and registration with the authorities supervising legal relations in the field of property. After that, you will officially be transferred from the status of a beneficiary to a legal heir.