Challenging contracts of various types
Our experts will help you solve complex legal difficulties. Rich experience in solving legal, civil, housing and criminal cases allows us to find solutions quickly in difficult situations. We carry out work on challenging lease agreements, loans, donations of apartments, credit and labor conclusions.

You will be satisfied with the result of our work. We offer an integrated approach. Consultations are carried out both in the office and remotely. We will develop an individual strategy for each of our clients.

Challenging a rental agreement

If you use the services of a lawyer, starting from the very first stage of challenging, then the percentage of successful results increases. This is due to the fact that challenging a lease agreement is most often possible only in court. The specialists of our Law Office will carry out full support of the case and help to solve it with the maximum possible benefit for you.

Most often, the lease agreement is terminated due to violations of the obligations of one of the parties, or in the event of unforeseen circumstances. A lease agreement can be challenged both by the landlord (for example, in case of violation of the payment schedule) and by the tenant (non-compliance of the premises with the stated criteria).

Challenging of a loan agreement

It is important to note that the procedure for challenging a loan agreement involves recognizing the transaction as invalid (unauthorized). Only in this case you will be able to appeal to counterparties regarding the receipt of funds. The statute of limitations for such contracts is 3 years.

Recognition of a loan agreement as invalid (as void or imaginary), as well as challenging it is possible in the following cases:

  • registration is not carried out in accordance with the norms of the law or the terms agreed orally are not indicated on paper;
  • the purpose of the transaction knowingly contradicts the foundations of morality/order;
  • the transaction was made for the sake of / in order to cover up another transaction;
  • the transaction was concluded with a person who was not aware of his actions at the time of the agreement;
  • the person who made the transaction was later declared legally incompetent;
  • the transaction was made under threats, deceit, violent actions.
Challenging the apartment donation agreement

Regardless of which side you take (the donee or the donor), when deciding to challenge the donation, you need to prepare for the fact that this is a laborious process. It directly affects the interests of both parties, which will actively defend their own benefits.

Recognition of the contract of an apartment donation as invalid (as void or imaginary), as well as challenging it is possible in the following cases:

  • the documents were drawn up without the purpose of creating legal consequences;
  • design does not comply with legal requirements;
  • the goal contradicts the norms of order and morality;
  • the contract was concluded to cover another transaction;
  • donee is an incompetent, minor or underage person;
  • the donor is declared incompetent at the time of the conclusion of the contract;
  • the conclusion was carried out under the influence of violent actions / threats, deceit, or a malicious agreement.
Challenging of a sales contract

Purchase and sale agreements can be challenged in a pre-trial order with the mutual consent of the parties. By law, this may take 3 years. In this situation professional advice from our lawyers will help to avoid difficulties.

If the challenging of the sales contract is possible only in court, this is a more time-consuming process, since all actions are recorded in the documents. In this case, we will help eliminate or minimize losses.

Challenging a contract for the sale of movable property (a car) is feasible if there is an independent expert opinion on a factory defect. In this case, you can also exchange the car at the dealership.

Challenging of a credit agreement

If you signed the agreement without reading the terms, our lawyers will help you start a case to challenge the loan agreement. Financially, this is the most advantageous solution. Such cases are considered in court.

When is a loan agreement challenged?

  • loan rates are raised unilaterally;
  • you are required to transfer the collateralized property to the ownership of the organization;
  • the organization has filed a lawsuit to recover the debt;
  • the borrower is under pressure from the collection office.
We will carry out:

  • comprehensive analysis of signed documents;
  • negotiations on your behalf with representatives of the bank on the revision of credit conditions and debt restructuring;
  • protection of rights;
  • verbal, written and remote consulting on all issues related to the subject of credit relations;
  • assistance in the annulment of the loan agreement;
  • full judicial support and protection of your interests.
Challenging an employment contract

Citizens can order the service "disputing an employment contract" in the following cases:

  1. If the employee wishes to recognize the concluded fixed-term employment contract as indefinite. At the same time, no more than 3 months should pass from the moment of registration of documents;
  2. The conclusion of a civil law contract instead of a labor contract. Here, the complainant also has 3 months. This period is set depending on your requirements, either from the date of signing a civil law contract, or from the moment of termination of employment relations with the employee.