Visit of a lawyer to the regions of the Russian Federation

Visit of a lawyer to different regions, including foreign countries, and conducting a thorough legal investigation in criminal cases is an outstanding feature of the professional activity of the Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners Law Office.

In the event of a gross violation of the rights and freedoms of the individual, initiation of a criminal case for political, economic and other illegal motives, including the category of "contract cases", the need for legal protection of minors and those unreasonably prosecuted, the lawyers of the Law Office Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners carry out a visit to any region of the Russian Federation to provide qualified legal assistance, protect the rights of citizens and conduct a detailed legal investigation of all cases.

Visit of a lawyer to the regions of the Russian Federation to provide qualified legal assistance, collect the necessary evidence and conduct a lawyer's investigation is the hallmark of the Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners Law Office. Participation as a defender in criminal cases at the stage of preliminary investigation, consideration of a criminal case in a court of first instance are the main stages of participation of a lawyer in a criminal case. It is no secret that judges, prosecutors, investigators and other officials in the regions (especially those far from metropolitan subjects):

  • have a different attitude towards lawyers from Moscow;
  • do not have the capacity and administrative resources to exert the necessary influence and pressure on the Moscow lawyer;
  • avoid delaying the process of conducting the investigation of the case and its judicial consideration;
  • avoid the facts of violation of the rights of the lawyer's principals (suspects, accused, defendants), naturally fearing well-founded complaints to higher authorities and attracting the attention of the media to the case.
Each case is strictly individual and the decision to conclude an Agreement for the provision of legal assistance in such cases is made by the Managing Partner of the Law Office after consultations and conversations with interested parties.

Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners Law Office has all the necessary technical means (copying, photography, video filming, sound recording, etc.), modern means of communication, storage (database) and transmission of information, transport and other attributes to provide qualified legal assistance and conducting a quality legal investigation.