Arbitration Lawyer in Moscow

Law Office Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners offers representation in the arbitration court for legal entities, individuals and individual entrepreneurs. We work at a high professional level. Each of our lawyers has a successful practice and experience behind him, which help to resolve issues with the most positive result.

The area of competence of cases considered by the arbitration court includes various disputes and litigations, including those from the economic sphere. The services of a lawyer in an arbitration court can be useful in solving cases related to entrepreneurial and other economic activities, as well as if your case belongs to the list of jurisdictions of this structure (registered in articles 27-33 of the Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation).

What is included in the services of an arbitration lawyer

The help of a specialist is necessary even at the initial stages of applying to an instance of this type. An arbitration lawyer will help you draw up a competent statement of claim, which is an important element in properly building a line of defense. This rule also applies to the response to the claim. In the consideration of arbitration cases, a professional will help defend the interests in consistency with the law.

We provide high-quality services of an arbitration lawyer who will help protect you, and the professionalism of our specialists will allow you to make competent decisions in the line of defense. Depending on the situation, our specialist will analyze the risks.

One of the main parts of work is consulting. Within its framework, the arbitration lawyer of our Law Office will make a full legal assessment of the prospects of the case. In some cases, it is possible to draw up a settlement agreement taking into account the interests of both parties. In others, an examination is appointed (at the same time, the duties of a lawyer include compiling a list of issues under consideration). Depending on the decision made, the case may be referred to the courts of appeal and cassation, while the specialist will prepare appropriate complaints or objections.

An integrated approach to resolving the issue will help save time and reduce your participation in the case to a minimum: the specialist will conduct the case until enforcement proceedings. A correct assessment of the situation from a legal point of view and a well-organized protection of interests in an arbitration court make it possible to optimally resolve the conflict.

Price policy

The cost of legal services in an arbitration court in Moscow depends on a number of factors, including specific instructions of the principal. Basically, the price is based on the complexity of the case and the total duration of the trial. You can get more detailed information after the first consultation, at which the situation will be analyzed and the total scope of work agreed.