Representation of interests in court

If litigation is unavoidable in your situation, you need competent legal support. You can order the service "Representation of interests in court" from us.

Specialists of the Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners law office are qualified lawyers with experience in solving civil, criminal, consumer, housing, inheritance and other cases. You can order from them a legal analysis of the activities of the counterparty organization, assistance in paperwork and advice on controversial issues in the case.

Why do you need a freelance lawyer to represent the interests of the organization in court?

It is quite difficult to defend your interests in court independently: both emotionally and in terms of skills. This area has its own specifics: it is not enough just to understand laws and by-laws, you also need to be aware of current changes in legislation and take into account the requirements of regulatory authorities. A qualified lawyer will professionally and competently represent your interests in court, which will increase the chances of winning the case.

If arbitration issues arise in your organization from time to time, it is more convenient to apply to professionals for representation of interests in court than to maintain your own staff of lawyers. If you, as a manager, need to prove this fact, it will be enough to present a passport, an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities / an appointment order.

What is included in the representation of the interests of the organization in court?

Our specialist will carefully analyze all available documents, assess the prospects for the development of the case and give forecasts, then he will agree with you on the strategy for conducting the process. After that, for the purpose of competent representation of your organization's interests in court, the necessary documents will be prepared (statement of claim, application for joining the case, response, petitions, etc.). The representative is also authorized to submit a package of documents to the court.

The "Representation of Interests in Court" service will also be needed for enforcement proceedings if the court decision does not suit you and it is planned to file an appeal.

It is also important to note that if you win your case in court, you will receive financial compensation from the losing party. It also includes the legal fees.