Program "Business lawyer"
    Law office Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners offers you a program of comprehensive legal assistance "Business Lawyer".

    This offer primarily applies to entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of the commercial services segment.

    Business Protection Program - "Business Lawyer" is a comprehensive program for legal entities.

    This program is designed for legal entities, regardless of their organizational and legal form, the size of the authorized capital and the tasks they deal with.

    The Law Office, based on its experience, has developed a flexible program that includes a differentiated approach to each client, the development of the relevant range of services allowing him to deal with the problems at the lowest possible financial costs.

    Legal support for the activities of organizations - a subscription program for the provision of various legal assistance to organizations and individual entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis. In Europe, this is simply called Legal Services for Business.

    Lawyers of Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners Law Office have permanent legal practice and are ready to provide assistance in the following areas:

    • development, examination of contracts for the sale, supply, transportation, storage, provision of services, legal support for other economic activities;
    • lease relations;
    • investment relations, credit schemes and projects;
    • legal support of transactions with real estate, shares, small and medium-sized enterprises;
    • corporate law issues: development and analysis of documentation, consulting participation in meetings of founders, shareholders; bankruptcy without consequences;
    • circulation of securities: shares, bonds, bills;
    • protection of intellectual property: copyright and related rights, trademarks, service marks;
    • labor relations, development of internal regulations and instructions;
    • representation of interests of the organization in relations with state authorities and local self-government authorities;
    • claims work, pre-trial settlement of disputes (mediation), legal negotiations;
    • representation of interests in arbitration, arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction, international courts;
    • execution support.
    You can determine the list of services you need by yourself, as well as change it at any time.
    Attention! For special regular clients, within the Business Lawyer program our lawyers can provide legal advice and in your office to employees and managers of the company two hours a week on any legal issues - family, labor, housing, inheritance and other areas of law.

    Payment for legal services is made in two ways:

    • Subscription fee. It is used in the presence of a large and constant amount of work. The method is convenient because the subscription fee is set once and the client can calculate his expenses.
    • Hourly payment. It is used when there is a small or unpredictable amount of work. The agreement establishes the rate of payment for one hour of work, the agreement is accompanied by a calculation of the time spent on the preparation of documents and other actions. At the end of the calendar month, the lawyer issues an invoice indicating the amount of work performed and the amount payable.
    Unconditional advantages of legal support for business:

    • Competent and full-fledged conduct of any negotiations - lawyers are always strong negotiators and will speed up the path to reaching consensus.
    • The broad experience and rich practice of lawyers allows them to solve a wide variety of problems.
    • The obligation of a lawyer to keep lawyer secrecy will securely close access to information about the activities of your company to all interested parties.
    • The status of a lawyer will allow him to protect the management and employees of the organization in criminal cases and cases of administrative offenses.
    • Cooperation with the law office Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners always gives a positive economic effect. In addition, you save yourself from the problems associated with maintaining your own legal department and remuneration of in-house lawyers.
    Note: In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law "On Legal Activity and Advocacy in the Russian Federation", it is impossible to interrogate a lawyer on issues related to his professional activities, unlike a simple full-time lawyer.

    Program "Business lawyer" - from 500.000 rubles. per month. Payment for the services of a lawyer (Law Office) is made in cash / via bank transfer. Details and nuances of the terms of the program designed for you, are negotiated and concluded in the Agreement on the provision of legal assistance under the Business Lawyer program.

    Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners Law Office specializes in Trust Management of Business, Finance, Property and other Assets in the Russian Federation. It has its own offices and reliable partners in Europe and International Offshore Clusters.

    Legal services, legal assistance provided by lawyers of legal consultation offices belonging to bar associations are not subject to VAT (Chapter 21 of the Tax Code "Value Added Tax", clause 6.13).

    Lawyers of the Shpilevoi-Shatskii & Partners Law Office will always provide you with high-quality and reliable legal support!