Divorce lawyer in Moscow
Our Law office offers the assistance of a lawyer in a divorce.
In such a life situation it is difficult to resolve issues and analyze what is happening: so that emotions do not interfere with the correct execution of documents, considering all the formalities of the procedure, contact professionals.

Regardless of whether the divorce takes place through the registry office or the court, ordering the services of a professional lawyer during a divorce means protecting yourself. Applying to a specialist for help you will receive guaranteed qualified assistance.

A divorce lawyer will help you draw up a statement of claim competently in the event of the division of property (real and movable), minimize material losses and help avoid unpleasant moments in the legal processing of a divorce.

There are three cases in which the case is brought to court:

  • disputes over the division of property;
  • in the presence of a minor child;
  • one of the spouses does not want to give permission for the dissolution of the marriage.
In all these cases, in case of a divorce, using the services of our lawyer will help you build a line of defense competently and satisfy your requirements.

Divorce lawyer for the division of the common property of the spouses in court

The division of the common property of the spouses in court is a very delicate issue, in the solution of which many nuances and disagreements can arise. All movable and immovable objects are considered, including luxury goods, jewelry, debts and loans that have been acquired during the existence of the marriage.

Deposits for children are not included in the division of the common property of spouses in court. According to the law, these funds do not belong to the parents. Also, the common property does not include those acquired with money earned before marriage.

Using the services of a lawyer when dividing property will help you get an equal division, defend your interests and the right line of defense. Also, a qualified specialist will help to competently challenge the marriage contract and even cancel some items. This is done if, when dividing the common property of the spouses in court, you risk getting into a difficult situation when fulfilling the clauses of the contract.

What is the procedure for divorce with a child?

Either spouse can legally initiate a divorce if there are children. An exception is the absence of such a right for the husband during the pregnancy of the wife and until the child is one year old.

By law, the registry office is not competent to dissolve a marriage if there are children under 18 years of age. The divorce procedure in the presence of a minor child is carried out through the court, while the authority takes into account the interests of children and their right to a full-fledged family.

The lawyer will help resolve the issues of choosing the parent with whom the child will remain and, if necessary, will challenge the court's decision on this issue. Circumstances are always different, but the rights to the child after a divorce remain with the parent who has sufficient financial security to raise the child. The moral and ethical aspect of the parent's lifestyle, the availability of comfortable housing and the desire of the child himself are also taken into account.

The lawyer of our office will help you collect the necessary package of documents and significantly save your time in resolving such an important issue as determining the right to raise a child after a divorce.

Challenging paternity in court: help from a lawyer

The specialists of our office carry out a successful practice of conducting family affairs. The accumulated experience and the number of cases won allow us to solve the tasks in complex and delicate situations effectively. One of these cases can be called the establishment of paternity through the court.

This procedure is carried out strictly within the framework of the trial. The claimant may be the father, the guardian of the child or the incapacitated parent, or the child himself after reaching the age of majority.

Establishing the fact of paternity by the court requires a lawyer to diligent study the circumstances of the case. The specialist will help to draw up a statement of claim competently and in accordance with the procedural rules. By contacting a specialist, you will save time, because you will be able to collect the necessary package of correctly executed documents in a short time.

The procedure for challenging paternity in court also provides for a forensic medical examination. Our specialist will prompt you with a qualified specialist (if this is not stipulated by the court).

Recovery of alimony through the court

A claim to the court for the recovery of alimony can be filed by both the one who claims payments and the alimony payer. In any case, an experienced specialist will carefully study your case and help you competently build a line of defense in court.

Most often, a statement of claim to the court for the recovery of alimony is filed under difficult circumstances and financial difficulties of the parent in whose care the child remains. In this case, the lawyer will help collect and present the necessary evidence that will help you receive financial compensation in the amount that you expect.

In addition, only an experienced lawyer will be able to accompany the procedure for collecting alimony through the court in the event of an unidentified fact of paternity. Another non-standard case for seeking help from a lawyer is a help to prevent the unlawful collection of alimony.