Reliable accident lawyer in Moscow
Today traffic disruptions often occur in the metropolis. A large number of personal and public transport increases the risk of getting into traffic accidents. You can protect yourself and your loved ones in such situations by contacting an experienced and qualified accident lawyer.

How does a lawyer help with an accident?

Most often comprehensive and collision car insurance or third-party liability insurance representative who travels to the scene of an accident, assesses the extent of damage in favor of the insurance company. Unfortunately, you run the risk of receiving an underestimated amount of damage during the examination. In such cases the best decision would be to consult an accident lawyer. His assessment is considered independent and reflects the real cost of damage to the car.

A specialist with a narrow profile will be able to take into account all the legal nuances and, if necessary, become your lawyer in court when considering an accident case.

What does the job of a specialist include?

An accident lawyer has the right to come to any place in Moscow where an accident has been recorded. The specialist will control the actions of all participants and help to build the protection of your interests correctly. The lawyer will be able to provide comprehensive assistance: when analyzing the situation in the insurance company, inquiries at the traffic police department, as well as in the court.

Any case of an accident is associated with a large number of legal nuances.

In a state of passion, people are lost and do not know what to do. The main thing in such a situation is not to panic and not to try to solve everything "on the spot", you cannot sign any documents before you've carefully read them. Consultation of an accident lawyer directly at the scene of the event will help to correctly draw up a document on the harm caused (including taking into account "hidden damages"), as well as to avoid fraudsters.

Benefits of ordering the services of an accident lawyer in our office

If you use the services of an accident lawyer, you will receive the following guaranteed benefits:

  • the opportunity to develop an optimal strategy for pre-trial and judicial solution of the issue in order to obtain appropriate compensation for damage;
  • analysis of the protocols of traffic police officers and representatives of insurance companies to reconstruct the real picture of an accident;
  • consultation and damage assessment with an independent expert technician who assesses the extent of damage to the car. On the basis of such a conclusion, a document is drawn up that has legal force, which can later be used in court;
  • collection of information about the property of the perpetrator of the accident;
  • arrest of property belonging to the perpetrator of the accident;
  • conducting the case until the execution of the court decision;
  • preparation of a draft settlement agreement and its approval in court;
  • carrying out the case by an accident lawyer in court (without your presence).
When ordering consultations at Shpilevoy-Shatsky & Partners Law Office, we guarantee complete confidentiality of personal information and offer an attractive pricing policy.

The practice of contacting a lawyer for an accident is only gaining popularity. Many people who find themselves in a traffic accident spend a very long time trying to defend their interests on their own, conduct an investigation or prove their case. It takes a lot of effort, time and is not always effective. A car accident lawyer having a wealth of experience and knowledge will help you save time, effort and overcome this unpleasant event with less stress. The sooner you contact him, the more effective his work will be.