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Consumer Rights Protection
In what kind of situations should a claim be filed in a consumer protection court?

Lawyers specialized in the protection of consumer rights of our Law Office will help defend your interests in the difficult conditions of today's market relations. You can get into the area of a potential victim anywhere: in a restaurant, cafe or an ordinary grocery store.

The main thing is to understand that your consumer rights have been violated and to be able to correctly build a line of defense by contacting a competent specialist.

What will a consumer protection lawyer do in situations of law violation?

  • Individually analyze each fact of violation;
  • help to file a claim and collect documents properly;
  • resolve cases out of court;
  • if necessary, provide legal support;
  • will accompany you during each meeting with the counterparty;
  • will represent your interests in the event of an appeal against the court decision.
The most common mistake, due to which you do not change the goods or do not return the money spent, is the lack of knowledge of your rights. Only the help of an experienced consumer protection lawyer will help you win your case and receive compensation. This is especially true of the situation in Moscow, where huge competition in the market sphere has given rise to a large number of scammers and unscrupulous sellers.

How do I file a lawsuit in consumer protection court?

After you understand that your consumer rights have been violated, you need to act. In this situation time is against you, so it is better to use the remote support of a consumer protection lawyer.

You can get the first consultation of our specialist remotely using the phone (numbers are listed on the website). The lawyer will explain the current situation and tell you how to proceed in the best way. If the conflict is serious and cannot be resolved out of court, the best solution would be to draw up a statement of claim to go to court for consumer protection. Our specialist will help you fill out the application correctly and will protect your interests. In this case, the sellers or the organization that provided the services will be held liable, fulfill their obligations and compensate for the damage.

Consumer rights lawyer in Moscow: we will help you successfully resolve your dispute

You may also receive additional monetary compensation from the organization against which you are filing a claim for damages and related costs (including legal fees).

The cases considered by a consumer protection specialist include: protection after contacting banking, credit, pawnshop, educational, transport, tourism, medical and real estate organizations.

Our specialist will assess the prospects of the case, tell you how to file a lawsuit to a consumer protection court properly and explain the procedure for applying to structures that control the activities of commercial organizations.