Debt collection through court

Debt collection through the court: quality work of our lawyers

A debt collection lawyer will help you recover your funds in a pre-trial order, or through going to court. Only the professional experience of a specialist will make it possible to reveal a fraudster in a debtor and find the necessary leverage. The main thing is not to put off going to a lawyer, because the lost time can cost you money: the debtor will simply hide and leave, thus, from justice.

At the same time, it is important to take into account that the collection of debts through the court on receipt or in a pre-trial order from individuals and legal entities has its own specifics. In any case, applying to the legal authority is an extreme measure, when it is no longer possible to influence the debtor in a different way. The pre-trial process is more preferable, and our specialists use all the experience of such proceedings to obtain the most effective result.

Actions of a lawyer to collect debts during pre-trial consideration of a case

Collecting debt without going to court is the best option. Our experts use their experience and legal expertise to develop a clear strategy. One of the main actions of a debt collection lawyer in this case is to agree with the counterparty on the revision and restructuring of the debt, to find options that suit both parties (the creditor and the debtor).

A lawyer will help you to draw up and file a claim against the debtor correctly. A lawyer can also help you refer to the legislation and prescribe sanctions in case of non-return.

Collection of debts by receipt through the court

This procedure is carried out strictly according to the regulations, it can be documented. The advantage of going to court when collecting a debt is the possibility of obtaining additional "income" in the form of compensation for harm and losses.

The procedure is effective with "floating" debtors who always find a reason to avoid debt. Often you don't even have to wait for a trial: the debtor returns the funds earlier.

Collecting a debt on receipt through the court often entails conflicts between the parties. Therefore, the experience of our specialists, as well as the ability to find non-standard solutions in certain situations, will allow you to get the best result for both parties.

Work with debtors of any category

Our lawyers carry out complex work to collect debts from individuals and legal entities. In the B2B sector ("Business to Business"), we use effective collection methods and help recover the debts of enterprises and organizations.

Contact our Law Office, regardless of the terms of the debt.