Defense in the court of first instance
Our lawyers will help you understand your situation and choose the best and most effective way to protect your rights and interests in court.

The specialist will carefully analyze the case materials and choose between judicial and administrative-legal methods. In the first case they apply directly to the court, in the second case they appeal against decisions in higher instances.

The experience of our specialists allows us to conduct an analysis competently and present a line of defense. Using the services of a lawyer to defend yourself in court in a timely manner you can avoid undesirable consequences. In addition, we guarantee information support and assistance in preparing the necessary documents.

Services of defense in court

It is a competent defense in the court of first instance that excludes errors that may adversely affect the sentencing and the decision of the judge. Our lawyers take a responsible approach to drafting petitions, thinking through questions, and opposing objections/opinions to the side of counterparties.

The participation of a defense lawyer in a Moscow court involves:

  • Evaluation of the case materials and the study if the amount of evidence is sufficient for prosecution and the issuance of a legal sentence;
  • Accompanying the actions of the investigation during the entire process of defending the defendant in court;
  • Evaluation of the facts and evidence presented by the prosecution;
  • Presentation, verification and evaluation of the evidence base of the defense;
  • Drawing up petitions (for example, to call additional witnesses or to exclude evidence);
  • Provision of wordings on questions raised by prosecutors;
  • Appeal against rulings of the court of first instance;
  • Visiting the accused in the pre-trial detention center, etc...
If you need the services of a defense lawyer in court in resolving administrative disputes, then the specialists of our law office will help:

  • invalidate and cancel tax notices and resolutions imposing fines (including traffic police)
  • appeal against the actions of regulatory, state bodies, as well as officials.
What gives the defense of the defendant in court?

Protection in the court of first instance, which is carried out by the professionals of our law office, will help to avoid "excessive work" in studying legislation. Moreover, your presence at the meetings is optional. As a result, you will save time and win the process itself due to the competent construction of the line of interests representation.

Criminal cases