Pardon Commission
Presidential Pardon Commission

The system of Russian legislation provides for the right to pardon a convict, most often a person who has committed a serious crime. A special body, the Presidential pardon commission, was created specifically to determine the list of persons for whom the sentence will be reduced or canceled.

For the correct and legally competent representation of convicts' interests, the best solution is to use the help of lawyers from our Law Office. Our specialists have extensive experience in solving cases of criminal law, civil, housing and family matters. A high level of competence will help formulate a petition to the Presidential pardon commission, defend your interests and get the expected result.

Scheme of work of the pardon commission

The act of pardon itself is carried out directly by the President. An edict is issued in relation to a specific person. The reason for applying to the pardon commission may be either the sincere repentance of the sentenced person, or considerations of humanity.

A petition for pardon can be submitted by the convict himself, or with the help of services of professional lawyers. A relative and a petitioner can also apply to the pardon commission by drawing up a petition with the help of specialists from our law office.

At the same time, when applying to the appropriate authority, it is not necessary to describe the details of the case. Our lawyer will tell you exactly what data should be indicated in the application and what documents to attach. For example, if the reason for applying to the Presidential pardon commission is the poor physical condition of the convicted person or one of convict's relatives, it is necessary to provide the results of a medical examination.

The result of applying to this instance is an act of pardon, which is issued on the basis of a petition and provides for:

  • reduction in the degree of punishment / replacement with a milder form;
  • annulment of terms of further serving of punishment.
The Presidential Pardon Commission is also authorized to remove a conviction from a person who has already served his sentence.

What does the legal assistance of our law office include?

Applying to the pardon commission with a help of our specialists, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • responsible approach of our specialists to the formation of documents package;
  • transfer of documents to the appropriate authority;
  • reclamation of references for convicts;
  • guaranteed process control.
After the act is signed by the President of the Russian Federation, the pardon commission immediately enforces it. The document has a direct effect without additional reinforcement by any regulatory acts. The act of pardon is also put into effect regardless of the gravity of the crime committed or the danger of the convicted person.

If the Presidential pardon commission refuses, you can re-apply after six months and after a year (if the sentence was passed for grave and especially grave crimes).

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